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There are not a lot of things I'd rather be doing than sleeping these days, except:

The new coffee shop that opened across the street from my house called ZIPPIE! And believe me...the name is NO LIE!

Dumpling date tonight with Liz. (gimmie gimmie gimmie! I demand a plate of pan-fried pork and chive and a bowl of hot and sour soup ASAP!)
*BTW...Something came flooding back to me I went to the dumpling house about two weeks ago, it was that fatefull week when I discovered my lovely dumpling hot-spot last year. I went for dumpling THREE nights in a row!!! Take it from me...BAD THINGS HAPPEN when you eat dumplings three nights in a row. Everything in moderation is something I have to learn.

Also...Monthly African Disco night at the Gladdy this Saturday night! it's a pretty short list.

I'm plotting...plotting my escape to NOLA again, a fundraiser is the ticket. I really feel like I need to go...many reasons...too many to get into now with this much ZIPPIE coffee running through my veins.

I had dreams last night that were VERY bolstering. Beautiful dreams that made me wake up smiling. I love those! It's my brain's way of's ok...everything is fine.
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