boxsocial (boxsocial) wrote,

Music is my Boyfriend

I went to see a fantastic singer named El Perro Del Mar last night. She was this sort of frail, rather austere looking Swedish girl, with a painfully beautiful sad voice. It made me very happy to know that music like this is important to people, because it was sort of a little bit like mine.

I went alone, which is something I don't do very often and I totally loved it. I love the way that hearing new music inspires eddies off in my brain into lyric fragments that my brain breaks down and resembles. It's fantastic. I must remember to do this more often from now on...go see more shows, by my self preferably. It just does me so much good.

I read in an interview that she writes songs sometimes as notes of encouragement to her self, hoping to feel differently, more cheerful about something. I love that.

Songwriting is such a tricky business...I struggle, but when I've finished something I'm so proud. I know so little about melody, structure, the rules of songwriting, all I have is words, and I love them so very much. I think of my songs a bit more impressionisticly. Like I'm trying to capture a moment in time with words. Every time I perform I feel as though I've ripped pages out of my diary for the world to read, it's a strange feeling to see someone singing along to what is essentially your diary. I want more gigs. I think I need a manager or something to kick my ass...hahaha.

Thinking about all of this is so much nicer than thinking about my work today...which is a little bit spirit crushing. I have to learn this horrid phone programming, which goes SO FAR above my head. It's basically DOS language. It makes me crazy. Ugh.
I think I'm going to stay in dreamland today.
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