boxsocial (boxsocial) wrote,

Things may be looking up!

I rode my bike to work today! yayayaya! Riding my bike is like drinking a sunshine and seratonin smoothie, I love it so much.

I just got it fixed (it was frozen into a snowbank since January and needed a bunch of work) it ended up costing me three times what I was quoted, but at least it works and now I don't have to rely so heavily on the TTC, which always brings me down. (I hate hate hate waiting for things!) Also, I found a really sweet route that doesn't require me to go under any over passes (which I hate doing) or going up any really steep hills (always daunting in the mornings) and it took me half the time that the bus takes...I LOVE MY BIKE! love my apartment alot alot alot...but lately I've been thinking about the idea of moving to something a bit more affordable. I pay ALOT of money for rent...and hydro bills are pretty much killing me.'s just a thought. But maybe Bernice has a charming bachelor in the building I could rent instead? Or maybe in a whole new building where I'd be allowed to have the Millie pooch come and stay with me. It's probably worth looking into. Then maybe then I could afford to get the internet at my house like every other person alive. I hate moving though, and I swore that I was going to stay in my place forever because I'm so in love with it. I don't know, I'm conflilcted.

Anyways, I should be doing work I guess.

Tonight Tam is coming over to dust off the old Captain and Tennille number that we performed years ago when we were in the Shameless Dames...we're rehearsing it (trying to remember choregraphy from...three years ago-ish) with plans of performing it again, this time at Goodhandy's. I'm totally looking forward to's been a while since I've done the burlesquing! And ever though she and I are still as awkward as can be sometimes, I'm glad she's my friend now....finally.

Oh...I should have told more people and had someone tape it for me, but last night the episode of 'Plastic makes Perfect' that I appear on as some sort of 'boob-expert' aired on the Slice network. A friend who saw it said I looked awesome, but I'm really afraid that I sounded like a bitch. I was being interviewed on my opinions on breast implants (which tend to be pretty middle of the road) but they were trying to lead me to one side of the issue or the other. I think I came off sounding like a snotty little so-and-so.
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