boxsocial (boxsocial) wrote,

Today's special

I'm feeling an extra little bit crazy today.

Damp (got caught in the rain on the way to work)

I was expecting a weekend of much needed sunshine and walking around having good times, but none of that really happened. It wasn't a BAD weekend, just uneventful. I hung out with a friend who, I realised, has very little real interest in what I have to say. An interesting person, and always entertaining, but the type of person who is only waiting until you stop talking so they can talk again. Conversational Double dutch. She is interested in my life only when I have some kind of drama, which I have -thankfully- very little of these days. I'm too busy being neurotic to have drama. haha.

Spent some time with lovely Tasha, and her Mom and a small group of her close friends at her Birthday pot luck last night, which was nice. Good to be around people who are also in the Saturn return. Tash just turned 29. She's planning to go away to Peru for a year or something. Haha...We are so funny. We've been friends since high school, she's a good friend.

I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was "Fuck -I hate my job".
That's no good.

I am so irritated with myself sometimes.
I should have cleaned my apartment this weekend, but I didn't. Hopefull tonight I will and it will improve the general back-alley ambiance of my space.

I *did* go to sleep last night though watching a vintage episode of Soul Train from the 80's though, and that was so amazing. I wanted to call up everyone I knew and tell them to turn it on, but it was midnight. Too bad. Excellent outfits.

Also...another good thing...Anne Marie is treating me to an evening at Body Bliltz nice. It's this European type bathhouse for Women (and's not *that* kind of bathhouse) and it's got all kinds of steam rooms and sea salt pools and green tea soak tubs and things...hopefully it will de-toxify me spiritually as well as physically.

I hope I can just coast though this day without letting any more of the crazy out than I have to. Haha.
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