boxsocial (boxsocial) wrote,

Tres Dramatique!

Tonight's soak in the healing waters at Body Blitz is going to be well earned, much appreciated and much deserved I think. (If I can stay awake that is...)

Drama drama drama last night. And it all started off so innocently! I had planned on cleaning my pad and takin' er easy last night when I got a call from Emmet. who had just learned how to make cheese! (SERIOUSLY!!! AMAZING) and wanted to share his exciting new discovery with me. I was barely half through cleaning, when I got a call from my dear ex-girl M. who was shit faced drunk because she and her girlfriend had broken up. She was sad and needed an ear. She had barely gotten the story out when Em. arrived, and insisted that M. come over. M agreed, and got herself in a cab. THAT WAS THE LAST WE HEARD OF HER. Thankfully she was fine, she got int to the cab and just decided to go home, passed out, didn't call 'till this AM. So...*WHEW* But I was worried.
Next, Em and I, drunk on food, go visit Sian next door and watch a movie with her while she cleaned her fridge. Sian recently had a really creepy guy move in next door to her and on Sunday she came home from work and her door knob looked to have been tampered with. Last night about an hour after we left she called me in a panic. She had gotten up to go pee and checked the lock as she was going by and the lock fell apart again. She FREAKED and called the cops, but here's the best part...there's no access to our building's buzzers after 9pm, and she was obviously too shaken to go and wait for them herself. So I went over, waited for the cops to show up, and let them into her building (at 3:30 in the morning)

Needless to say, I'm a tad sleepy today.

I am really excited though, the people called me back to do another interview for that 'Plastic Makes Perfect' show on the Slice network. This time the topic is "Do women have a love/hate or a hate/hate relationship with their bodies"??? It's a good question. I tend to think about that stuff a lot. And the fact that if we spent as much time thinking about important stuff as we do about our body issues, we would be unstoppable. There is so much freedom and power to be found in self acceptance. Yay! I get to talk about smart things on TV!

Today is good! Tonight will be even better! Ahhhh Sea salt pool...take me away!
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