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rubber soul

A very funny realization occurred to A.M. and I last night at the ladies only water spa as we lounged nakedly on butter soft red leather lounge chairs alongside the sea salt pool, after having just emerged, steaming from the green tea soak...that all the skinny, toned, magazine-perfect looking chicks in the joint were the ONLY ones wearing bathing suits. The rest of us...with all of or variously shaped, variously aged bodies were all nude nude nude. It was SOOO great!
Every time I go there I wonder why I don't go every month. It's the best way to spend 35 bux that I've discovered so far.

And with all the toxifying I's likely a good idea.

Today is pay day...and I've been broke for weeks. Bad influence Tracey wants things. Practical things, mostly, but it all feels like splurging to me.
It's funny, the things I feel are splurges now are so drastically different from splurges of the past. One day, many years ago, I walking past Browns on Queen and saw a pair of the most glorious shoes in the land. I bought them without any hesitation and they were 250 bux! I wore them, lapping up the compliments, everywhere I went for weeks. Then about a month later knock-offs started showing up at Aldo, then ultimately, Wal-mart. These days I feel kinda like Payless is too rich for my blood, which, is what it is. And I feel like a slightly different person anyways...the kind of person who thinks, 250 bux...hmm, I wonder how far I could get on that???
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