boxsocial (boxsocial) wrote,

I saw the sign

Why have I been in such a good mood these past few days??? I can't put my finger on it, but it's been pretty great. Sunny disposition and all. Maybe it's becasue I feel rested. I've been sleeping well.

It's funny how things happen. I'm a big believer in the idea that the universe tends help you out when you're making the right decisions and reasons for things aren't always visible right away, but there's a reason for everything in the grand scheme.

I've been super bummed out about the fact that I couldn't afford to go to New Orleans again. Like I've needed to go back in order to keep on this path that I started out on over Christmas. Hibou stuff hasn't been going so great, because of a plethora of technological problems on Serge's end, and a general malaise on my end...not finding inspiration in anything. I was starting to feel useless, like the only stuff I was good at was trivial. Selfish. Useless stuff. I felt, when I was in New Orleans and after I came back like I was a helpful force of good in the world.
Anyways, I was sad about not being able to go and stuck in this feeling of being stuck and being poor, when all of a sudden...the reason appeared!
Hibou has a gig! It's not 'til April 26, but if I had gone away this week to NOLA I totally would have missed out on some really important practicing time. Serge and I are jamming tonight, and I'm super excited! Oooh! Plus it's a paying gig, and it's going to be a really good audience for us...opening up a DJ night at the State Theatre.

Anyways, I'm taking this as a little sign from the universe. A small token of aknowlegement of my sacrifice for financial betterment and a little reward for struggling through a particularly difficult winter.
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